03 May 2012

Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes gives up attempt to turnaround MAS, citing a few negative detractors with selfish attitude who made the most noise

Here is an excerpt on what Tony Fernandez, CEO of AirAsia has to say after the share swap deal between AirAsia and MAS was terminated.

“FOR the few negative detractors who made the most noise, I wonder what their solution is for MAS.

I have seen no alternatives put forward by those people. The selfish attitude of a few has to end at MAS.

It is those few who are stopping the true turnaround and I feel sorry for the 20,000 staff who are great people and deserve to be No. 1.

The beauty of the last eight months is that I can now see the beauty of what we have built at AirAsia, which is an amazing culture of can do'.

There is no negativity, no selfish staff, no side deals.

Just an amazing culture of can do' and the willingness to be the best.

The future for AirAsia is amazing.

I am so excited and I now know and that is what I had felt for a long time is that our secret weapon is our amazing people and our amazing culture.”

Source: www.thestar.com.my


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