25 May 2012

Maxis launches Loker, Malaysia's first personal cloud storage service, free 5GB storage and priced at RM15 a month for 10GB and RM 25 a month for 25GB

Maxis Bhd has launched Loker, Malaysia’s first personal cloud service which is available on multiple devices.

The company said in a statement yesterday that Maxis customers who signed up for Loker would received free 5GB of storage space, allowing them to sync, store and share their digital content including pictures, videos, music and contacts from their mobile phones, tablets or PCs. Customers will also be able to share their content on social networking sites and via email.

Product, device, innovation & roaming head T. Kugan said recent trends had shown Malaysians were one of the most active in sharing their experiences online using pictures and videos and that Maxis customers had led the way in this area.

“With Loker our customers will have the freedom to store a much higher volume of digital content. A 5GB storage space is equivalent to 5,000 pictures or 2,500 songs, so you can imagine the sheer size of it,” he said.

Maxis Loker is available on Android and BlackBerry devices and tablets, as well as PCs and Macs, with more device platforms to be made available soon. There is also an option to upgrade the 5GB storage space at any time to 10GB at RM15 a month or 25GB at RM25 a month.

Source: www.thestar.com.my


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