24 April 2012

How to Apply for an IPO in Bursa Malaysia

There are two methods which you can apply for an IPO:

You may apply through application forms at issuing houses, stockbroking companies and financial institutions or through an Electronic Share Application that allows applications via ATMs.

Guide when applying for an Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Check the newspaper & Bursa Malaysia website for information on the IPO and read its prospectus

Application Form Method

The forms are available at issuing houses, stockbroking companies and financial institutions.
Following are some steps for IPOs application forms. Complete the application form as indicated. 

Personal details must be the same details on the identity card or authorisation card.
Attach the banker's order payment slip for the amount of shares applied. Applications can be sent via post or direct to the issuing house.

ATM Method

For some IPOs, applications can also be made through the Electronic Share Application  facility. .You must have a CDS account, savings account and an ATM card issued by a participating financial institutions.

Follow all instructions as required at the ATM and have along with you your CDS account number IPO stock code.

Remember to keep the ATM slip as proof of your transaction.


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