24 April 2012

TM's HyppTV to offer French news channel France 24 targeted to 2,000 French Households living in Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) and French news channel France 24 hopes to capture 2,000 French households living in the country to sign up for the newly launched pay channel on HyppTV.

HyppTV is TM pay-television service that is available through TM’s high-speed broadband (HSBB) service UniFi.

“Our first-tier target is French expatriates in Malaysia. There are some 4,000 French people living in Malaysia currently. Second-tier target market would be the Malaysian public and lastly tourism but not limited to French but also Canadian, Belgians and Swiss,” France 24 Asia-Pacific distribution director Brice Bertrand said at the launch of the French news channel.

Without disclosing the cost, Bertrand said France 24 would be financing the launching cost and technical equipment. “This is based on revenue-sharing basis. Revenue generated will be shared.”

Malaysia is the fourth country in Asia-Pacific to launch France 24 after Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand.

The French news channel is now available on HyppTV channel 128 on à-la-carte for RM20 per month, which Bertrand said was an “acceptable price” based on its studies.

He said only French news feeds would be available at the moment but would consider English feeds, going forward.

TM executive vice-president of new media Jeremy Kung said it had conducted a soft launch for France 24 on April 1 and currently had 87 channels with 19 free channels.

“There are 4,000 French living here and some 20,000 students enrolled in French or related courses. TM’s UniFi has 1.2 million premises passed. The potential is there. We need to market this product,” Kung said, adding that there were 320,000 subscribers to date for UniFi and expects the figure to hit 400,000 by year-end.

Source: www.thestar.com.my


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