24 April 2012

Naim Holdings to build two schools in Permyjaya, Miri

Naim Holdings Berhad is prepared to build two schools with modern designs and facilities in Permyjaya New Township in Senadin, Miri to address the problem of student overcrowding.

Its director Abang Hasni Abang Hasnan said as a developer responsible for developing the area, the company had been asked to solve the problem faced by the people there.

“Naim Holdings Berhad has identified three strategic locations at the housing estate in Permyjaya New Township with all the necessary infrastructure and Internet access.”

He said there was an urgent need to build two schools to provide a conducive environment for students to study.

“We are willing and prepared to build the schools first without waiting for the allocation in the Third Rolling Plan as announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak when he visited Miri recently,” he said.

The construction of the schools would commence soon after receiving approval from the state Education Department and Ministry of Education (MoE), he added.

He disclosed that the company would meet with Education Department and MoE soon to discuss the matter.

There have been complaints from residents in Permyjaya New Township who highlighted the fact that with the rapid development in the area the number of people in the area had increased. This has resulted in a raise in the number of students too.

The area has about 100,000 residents and the number continues to increase with the additional number of houses and commercial buildings that now have reached about 22, 669 units.

With this increase, the number of schools in the area is not enough to accommodate the increasing number of students.

Schools like SMK Pujut, SMK Baru Permyjaya, SK Tudan, SK Senadin and SJKC Chung Hua Tudan are forced to carry out two sessions daily. Due to the congestion, some parents have to send their children to schools outside Permyjaya like SK Merbau, SK Kuala Baram 2, SK Lutong, SK Pujut, SK Bintang and SK Bandar Miri.

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